U deux (U2 1984)

augustus 20, 2009

found this page (click)

found this page (click)

memory lane, 25 years ago

memory lane, 25 years ago (click)

setlist etc.
On the PE-page Sarah Thompson is talking about ‘bass player the Edge’, when I mention ‘the Edge’ in the ‘review’ I mean the guitar player…

the next day's gig

the next day's gig

same year, in Dortmund apparently more popular than in Bordeaux back then…

In the clip, the way Bono tries to direct the cameraman (leading to a worthles shot) shows how aware he is of all the effects, and trying to turn them in his favor. So far he did a good job.
But to start with the first link, that makes me doubt about his real political/environmental awareness, in the 1930’s in Germany maybe he could have been some Leni Riefenstahl. Also a great artist, and a great opportunist. She chose the side of the ‘powers to be’.  But in the ‘free world’ it is obvious your artistic credibility is asumed higher when you turn against those powers. Or dialogue with them about other views, call it.  Like the great artists in the Woodstock-era, all so very engaged according the legend, when you were for any reason considered less ‘counter culture’, your artistic values went to the drain (Blood Sweat and Tears), so it was good for the money to go ‘counter’…

I doubt if my doublethinking gets understood, I’m 100% behind most of the sympa Bono-things (only being catholic – that’s for someone with some historical awareness same thing as being part of NSDAP), however, it’s a good thing he spreads the word.
So don’t quote me to attaq the message, I only doubt the messenger (who gets shot when the message is too bad like we all know)….

And indeed, this xmillion Claw is not my idea of making people aware about doing more with less…


Eén reactie to “U deux (U2 1984)”

  1. karen todd said

    i like your story about U2- yes a lot of people say they have sold out- slaves to the almighty dollar- it happens- and I can see how their lifestyle with their money doesn’t actually go hand in hand with the “green- save the world- words they preach- they may very well hold these values dear- but unless you walk the walk- instead of filling your bank accounts – it just doesn’t really ring too true.
    love the part about the dancing girl clad in the garbage bags- what might have been said- ahh- so sad- you will just always have to wonder now……Piet…….

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