Woodstock40: Ten Years After

augustus 15, 2009

klik hier voor een groter schermpje

click for bigger screen


2 Reacties to “Woodstock40: Ten Years After”

  1. karen todd said

    i have been trying to remember this bands’ name ever since you mentioned Woodtock awhile back- thanks…….geesh-

    • pitzwolken said

      I knew it so I posted it (lol), actally a bit too early, I first thought about posting clips in chronological order, that got lost with Santana allready, but because that one is one of my favo’s… Now with the 3d clip I’m at the beginnining, and I don’t bother about any order anymore.
      I remember back then I was very impressed by Alvin Lee’s (TYA’s) performance, considering it as one of the highlights. Now so many other guitar-hero’s (SRV!) came by, I can imagine you forgot all about TYA…

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