Prins Willim is niet meer

augustus 2, 2009


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De afgelopen week is ‘de Prins Willim’, de replica van een VOC-schip die afgemeerd lag in de voormalige rijkswerf Willemsoord, in vlammen opgegaan.

Hoe je er ook over dacht, Den Helder is (voorlopig?) één van de weinige gezichtsbepalende punten kwijt.
Op deze pagina wat overpeinzingen over VOC-replica’s in het algemeen en de Prins Willim in het bijzonder, en over thuishaven Den Helder…


3 Reacties to “Prins Willim is niet meer”

  1. karen todd said

    oh noooo- such a beautiful thing lost- sad- even if it had it’s bits of plastic- guns ( as I think you said- and was untrue in building methods….) it was still probably a sight to behold……….

  2. karen todd said

    did I understand right? in trying to sort out through my translator/program that you actually worked on building the replica Piet? or is my translator telling me tall tales again? lol- just curious…..

    • pitzwolken said

      I worked on building another one, ‘the Amsterdam’, and we felt deep disapproval for the phoney ‘prins willem’. Our project at is turn was disapproved by the builders of ‘the Batavia’, ours (though wooden) being made with modern techniques, and theirs build the same way as they did back then (they pretended). Despite the different opinions, the Amsterdam- and the Batavia crew were unanimous in disapproving the ‘Prins Willim’.
      But now the contours of the ship lacking in the skyline of Den Helder, it’s a pity. And it makes no difference which structure is used for such a vessel for a purpose like that, like a scenery on a stage-decor. And for most ignorant tourists the difference will be of little importance neither…

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