juli 31, 2009

The articles linked to are in English, so Ill try to write the few words I ment to add also in English.

There are little cases in the world where opinion seems to be so unanimous about as the Somali piracy, people with a glimps of understanding or empathy for the matter are hard to find.

Maybe this may change now in Hollywood a film is being made about ‘pirate whisperer’ Andrew Mwangura, himself being threatened by the ‘bad pirates’, but full of understanding and compassion for the ‘good pirates’, the remains of the selfproclaimed ‘National Volunteer Coast Guard’.
The ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ are not two separate factions, in fact it is all mingled, since Somali warlords took over the organization.  With their contacts in the international criminal underworld (here a link about the Dubai-connection) they know best which targets to choose, which vessels have some ‘fishy’ cargo. ‘Fishy’ often literal, when it is about illegal fishery, but also illegal weapon-trade (the story with the Ukrain ship with 30 tanks aboard), waste dumping etc. Those are easy targets, with ship-owners more willing to negotiate without interference of authorities.

With all the firm actions taken by an international armada, absurd situations occur like South Korean navy protecting illegal fishing boats…

Here in Holland most people talk about hanging the crooks high, smoking them out their caves (same retoric used a a few years ago by GW Bush about terrorists and warmly welcomed by common opinion), forgetting they  undoubtedly have sung out loud once or twice the Dutch patriottic song about Piet Hein, the searobber who stole a large amount of silver from the Spanish, which was an important turn in the Dutch independence struggle: the silver was ment for paying the Spanish mercenaries’ wages, and part of the loot was for the Dutch government who delivered ‘kaperbrieven’ to those who promised to attack only vessels from hostile countries (after the 80-year war against the Spanish there were always conflicts with England, France, Sweden, Portugal, in allways changing coalitions, so this practice could continue for centuries).

about Andrew Mwangura | a page keeping track of all things appearing on the net about Mwangura | the Dubai connection |
article about the somali piracy by Mukesh Williams
| more on the subject by Mohamed Abshir Waldo

Someone known for his views on the matter is Somali/Canadian rapper K’naan, so to conclude this post one of his clips.

another K’naan clip on PitzPages can be found here



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