Stop de kleiduivenmoord!

juli 28, 2009

Ik stuitte op een site met allemaal T-shirts, die je daar kan bestellen voor de luttele prijs (ahum) van £25,- (heren) of £20,- dames (ik geloof dat de pond aardig aan het zakken is, dus wie weet is het eerdaags echt een ‘luttel bedrag’), en waar je ook zelf je scheppingen heen kan sturen.

Dus even nagedacht of er nog een goed doel of streven was om te propageren, en dat heb ik vervolgens vormgegeven en upgeload.


Nou moet dat eerst door de ballotagecommissie, dan moeten er een minimum aantal besteld worden voordat ze werkelijk gemaakt worden (ik geloof 30).
En mocht dat gebeuren (fingers crossed) dan is 10% voor mij…
En dan zal je net meemaken dat de pond in een vrije val naar beneden kukelt…

Eerst maar ’s afwachten wat er gebeurt. Morgen moet ik weten of ie überhaupt aangeboden wordt. Spannend…



6 Reacties to “Stop de kleiduivenmoord!”

  1. karen todd said

    oh My Goodness!!!! I love this Piet- I am going to show Cheri- maybe she will want to order some for her store- these are cool as hell- if i had money i would order some too- dang! you are the bomb- great idea Piet!

  2. pitzwolken said

    I don’t think it is something for Cheri, there’s nothing in it for her, I think £25,- is allready expensive, that is (at the moment) ± $41,-, so she should sell them for $55,- at least (when she wants to make some money with it), I think that’s far to much for a shirt.
    Don’t know if they are accepted there, if not she may use the files to print them at some local silk-screen printer (if she wants), than it’ll be $10,- max a shirt (I think). Or I’ll make somthing else, this one took me about an hour to ‘design’ (registering to the site and uploading the things took me almost as much time)
    And later I’ve been messing around with the colours: for the better it should take only two ‘spot-colours’, but I started full-colour and now I don’t remember anymore how to merge the channels the right way. And that used to be my work…
    If I make another thing I have to start the right way from scratch, than you can change the colour as you please. If they accept this 1 they have to use all the 4 cmyk colours, or make a slightly less ‘rich’ version.

  3. karen todd said

    piet…cheri and terry can make shirts too i think- i love your design- u should maybe talk to her/ or i will- it is a cool design Piet! anyways- course what do I know- I am just a Doodle…but like for here in the united states- around hunting and fishing supply stores- i bet those would sell this is what I am thinking…for the traveling hunting and tourist trade……..for that one particular design anyways- happy designing Piet…..

  4. pitzwolken said

    made a new one, less complicated to print. Maybe I’ll try aother with the same subject later. First wait if this one gets bounced too…

  5. karen todd said

    i still like it Piet….a lot of good that does you though-did you ever look at my friend Ray Trolls artwork? he owns Soho Coho- a gallery there in Ketchikan- T-shirts helped to put him and his artwork on the proverbial map- so to speak- anyways- well you know- shirts sell big time- especially in tourist trp towns……
    bye again………am undercover from the rains- but enjoying they have returned here- if only for a little while

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