Coffeeshops the American way: the sequel

juli 27, 2009


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This one is about an article in a Californian newspaper (LA Times), and with 2 vids also in English, so I’ll try to write it in English, to prevent things getting lost in translation.



2 Reacties to “Coffeeshops the American way: the sequel”

  1. karen todd said

    if you hav never heard of the organization called: L.E.A.P. you may want to google them Piet…..this stands for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – and they are fed up with this phony war on drugs- and want to see drugs especially marijuana legalized in the United States- they are tired of turning our parents siblings – children and ourselves into criminals behind these nonsense prohibition laws.etc- thnak you for you post Piet- as always I have enjoyed it………..

  2. A lot of news going around about this subject right now. Check out for constant updates.

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