juli 22, 2009

mooi filmpje van Evelien Lohbeck. Check haar site voor meer (op het ‘notebook’ hieronder klikken.

lohbeckclick for more

3 Reacties to “Notebook”

  1. karen todd said

    i love the mouse trap table…lol- looked like a cake or something of that sort- set in the trap part-
    i haven’t look at all of her stuff yet though- but I like her! thank you Piet

    • pitzwolken said

      me neither haven’t seen them all (yet). Love the candle-clip also. And the lips-sync thing, it needs somme explanation in english: first all the lips flaoting around freely say: ‘I am free to be me’, get closed in more and more by them bars, the less space they have the less words they speak, till it’s only “I” and the bars appear to be them barcodes…

      but the notebook thing (or ‘noteboek’ as she calls it – half dutch/half english) is what she’s known best for. Though there’s an older version I maybe like better cause it’s only about the notebook, in this one there are some side-issues that may distract a little too much. just my view…

  2. karen todd said

    well to my mind Piet? it is the things that we surround ourselves with now- our technology- the amazing knowledge we could have- and do at our fingertips- is also trapping us at the same time- our freedom is at once growing and being hindered through technology- reducing us to nothing more than a few numbers and lines on a page- they seek to control us through this technology by the chips they want to plant under our skin etc- and catalog and number us like we are cattle- etc….I think it is something like that = Evelien Lohbeck is trying to tell us- our freedoms? poof! are merely an illusion. and in a blink of an eye they will soon be gone.

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