Sebastião Salgado

juli 21, 2009


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Kwam een serie wondermooie foto’s tegen van de Braziliaanse fotograaf Sebastião Salgado.

‘Mooi’ is niet het juiste woord, want de meeste verhalen van armoede en ontbering. De schoonheid van de wanhoop…



3 Reacties to “Sebastião Salgado”

  1. karen todd said

    odd this- but it is a beautiful picture- they say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger- and i feel that sorrow- or suffering can lead us to joy-if we are wise enough learn from the sadness and sorrow and seek a path toward happiness- and not to get bogged down and swallowed up in despair – oh well am just babbling i suppose…now i will want to go see more of his photography…thanks Piet!

  2. karen todd said

    thank you Piet! you Rock!!! thanks for turning me onto Sebastiao Salgado!!!!

  3. pitzwolken said

    Best click on the ‘exhibitions’link of the Peter Fetterman galery-page, for bigger sizes of the ‘africa’project.
    most photo’s on the home-page show up in the same size when clicked…

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