Kaki King

juli 11, 2009

Kaki King MySpace


Kaki King set op ‘TED’ (verder ook alleszins interessante site)


2 Reacties to “Kaki King”

  1. karen todd said

    well sure- no wonder you are displeased with the ending on this- why the heck would they record it this way? it is what we say here to mean a mistake….we say that it is a “brain fart”
    or a really dumb mistake in other words…=brain fart
    ok bye my Callantsoog friend

  2. pitzwolken said

    I don’t mind too much about the end, it’s only a little odd. I can live with it.
    I guess it is ment to be artistic.
    Artistic it is, the rest of it for sure.

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