Meer Afrikaanse muziek: K’NAAN “T.I.A”

juli 3, 2009

In PitzPages mei 2009 was er al uitgebreid aandacht voor Afrikaanse muziek (laadt een beetje langzaam vanwege alle filmpjes en muziekstreams),  deze clip had ook prima in dat verhaal gepast. Alleen al de moeite waard vanwege het clipje vormgegeven door Nabil Elderskin.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “K’NAAN “T.I.A” music video directed b…“, posted with vodpod

hier het filmpje op z’n Vimeo-pagina.

Overigens gevonden op de (blog op de) site van Dare Art Alade, icoon van de Naija-hiphop (Naija of N9jav=Nigeria), waarover ook e.e.a. op de Afrikaanse mziek pagina’s van PitzPages.

DaRey, Dare Art Alade

DaRey, Dare Art Alade


Eén reactie to “Meer Afrikaanse muziek: K’NAAN “T.I.A””

  1. karen todd said

    i Like K’NAAN….found it amusing that he called American rappers- pussy’s – lol…. in his T.I.A. song-
    as for the Somali Pirates- it is not a topic that can be discussed in the household without having to inevitably end up having some kind of melt down – I always end up blowing my cool- the dumping of toxic waste in their waters- and killing their people and their food- plus the over illegal fishing in their waters- well according to my roommates- this is not true- they say- or then if it were- why don’t we read about it in the paper? they are just theives and worse- they are gun runners– poof
    oh well- not that they actually read newspapers in this household anyways- but even on the television. the plight of the Somali people has been broadcast / evidently those shows must have been on- conflicting with the “price is right” – or – the ever retarded – yet popular “dancing with the stars” or “are you smarter than a 5th grader?” or – something like that- cuz they have missed those broadcasts and have not yet gotten the memo on this situation here- so……….grrrr……..tired of arguing with them over these sorts of things- it doesn’t really change things anyways- they will continue to believe what they will – Somali’s will still starve- get sick and die- no matter what ron or bob think- or what I think—
    they just don’t get that the news people get is either watered down- or dummed down- some stories not even reported on at all- etc. I find this frustrating none-the-less……………

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